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Eleven years ago, I was 15 kilos heavier, unhappy, unhealthy, and trapped in the yoyo world of gyms, food and self-loathing.

In 2009 I ran the city2surf in Sydney its 14 km….

When I crossed that line I felt incredible. I did it I set a goal and I achieved it, I felt invincible.

A week later I received my competitor’s photo in the

The elation I had felt soon dissolved; I picked that photo apart. My fat tummy my big arms my thick thighs.

The week before I was proud of myself… For the first time in a long time… it felt so great about myself.

I had extremely poor self-esteem and hated my body.

That competitors photo just confirmed to me I didn’t want to feel so negative about myself based purely on how I looked. I had undermined my own achievements from the week before.

That photo made me make the best decision of my life…
The very next day I joined a women’s only gym and
began to MOVE…

Really move.

I made an appointment with the trainer to set some baseline health and fitness goals, something I had never ever done.

“How much weight would you like to lose she asked?” I felt embarrassed. Knowing I had at least 15 kg to lose 2 kilos in one month was my first benchmark we set.

I took a note pad in with me every time I visited the gym and wrote down how far I walked and how long it took. A simple yet accountable way to see progression and
improvement .

By the end of my 3rd week I was jogging on the treadmill… I can still remember how good that felt.

Also by the end of the 3rd week I had lost 5 kg… and smashed my benchmark of 2 kg in a month….

I hadn’t spent hours at the gym, I hadn’t starved myself, I was just moving and feeling good about myself it was empowering.  However gym environment didn’t really get me excited.

I needed something that would keep me interested. I discovered boxing classes….. And as they say the rest is history….I qualified as a personal trainer changing my life forever.

You don’t have to become a super athlete to be fit and healthy… I know I’m not… You just have to arm yourself with a little knowledge, support and self-belief and you’re on your way.

Come along and learn how to move for YOU I will help you create a new and freeing conversation around exercise, nutrition, and body image.

Do you weigh yourself every day to check in on yourself-worth? Do you struggle with food shaming?

Are you a yo yo dieter who is always looking for the next diet that will “work this time”?

With the pressure of Covid, lockdowns and financial pressure. It is very normal and expected to be struggling with body acceptance

Come along and let’s get a start on moving!!!!


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