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Does the thought of exercising or walking into a gym reduce you to a nervous wreck?

Research tells us that exercise is the pill free medicine for anxiety and depression.

But what if the very thought of exercise creates more anxiety?

As children we run, jump and play without judgment of ourselves or our playmates. As we grow up sport and exercise tends to follow a more structured format with school sport days and weekend teams. The fun through play that we had as children tends to get replaced with competition, performance and a success and fail culture.

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Many of us move through adulthood and continue having sport as big part of who we are. However, if you have haven’t it can be very overwhelming to know where to start.

Should you just join a gym and go? Should you try to join the local netball team and just give it a go?

It sounds like it should be an easy pathway to extending movement in your life. But the truth is that finding movement can be a journey full of anxiety and uncertainty.

As a personal trainer … and as someone who also found movement later in life. I understand when my clients say that they have tried to “exercise” but just don’t know what to do.

With the world shifting with covid lockdowns and the serge of online exercise programs telling us to zoom until our eyes bleed,it can be frustrating when you find it underwhelming, mindless and just lacking the variety of exercises that you crave.

Plenty of the population proudly carry their gym tag around on the daily. But when they get there, they just faff about with minimal exercise knowledge, spend most of their time in the safety of the cardio equipment and leave feeling unfulfilled and wonder why they bothered.

The thought of employing a personal trainer can be a thought far from people’s mind. My above example is a great reason to invest in some movement education.

Yup it’ll cost more than your gym membership. But it doesn’t have to be a forever thing. If the gym is where you want to hang GREAT… but get taught the basics about movement and exercise.

Your personal trainer doesn’t have to become a co-dependant relationship. Any trainer worth their fee should be educating you as you train and enable you to put together a workout with total confidence.

Trainers don’t get the results for you. Direction and education can help you. But only you can make the change.

The one word I NEVER want to hear from my clients say is that their training was boring ….nope… not on my shift!!!!

If your training isn’t fun, fierce, or functional you need to get your kid on, and get back to that fun through movement philosophy we spoke about at the beginning. I love nothing more than showing clients that they can have a great relationship with exercise.

If you want to learn to play the guitar you would employ a musician to teach you. So, you can go home and strum on your own.

So why don’t we have the same approach to exercise and movement?

Booking a personal trainer can empower you to move towards your goals with better confidence and direction I would love to help you .

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