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Fitness by Kate – 6 Week Restart

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Get back to where you were, or finally get where you want to be. Fitness by Kate is the brainchild of Australian personal trainer Kate Cairnduff. The program gathers fun, functional and original workouts. With over 10 years in the fitness industry, Kate is excited to be able to share with you the proven strategies that will assure you will get moving again. 


With a health and wellness focus Kate will change your view on exercise.

What You Will Get

The Fitness by Kate restart is 6 weeks of 30min workouts. Kate’s unique style will have you enjoying exercise again. Enjoy and reclaim your movement. With Fully guided audio so you always know what to do

6 weeks of 30 min sessions

Audio assistance for each workout

Every Work Out Is Different

NO Equipment Necessary

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Who is this for??

  • Do you want to implement healthy habits?
  • Feel lost at the gym?
  • Can’t afford a personal trainer?
  • Do you like variety with your training?
  • Don’t want to do ANOTHER  6 week weight loss challenge?
  • Are you ready to try different way to get healthy?

Fitness by Kate is for you

Uncomplicated, fun, and guided workouts you can do anywhere anytime.
Australian designed, client tested and reviewed.
6 weeks of audio guided training for less than the cost of a personal training session.
Simple and effective strategies to help change your bad habits.
 No meal plans NO calorie restrictions NO diet talk.

Who is this NOT for?

Keen to buy another “shred challenge” that will leave you feeling like you failed!
Looking for unattainable images and pages of before and after?
You don’t want to have access to proven and engaging workouts?
Looking for a trainer who’s chasing likes and follows?
Really want restrictive and unrealistic calorie counting

Please don’t join Fitness by Kate If...

You want us to make outrageous promises, We don’t make weight loss promises.  Fitness By Kate will get moving again. No before and after photos. 
Easy to download and listen to the unique guided training.
A proven format Kate uses in her face-to-face studio.

What some of our Happy Clients are Saying!

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Why Choose Kate?

Love Kate’s style she cares deeply about her clients and the 10 years of professional experience really shows!!!”
-Cassie June 2021

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Your Trainer- Kate Cairnduff

Kate Cairnduff is a popular Australian personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry.
Her personal training business Fitness Manouvers has trained hundreds of face-to-face clients, and as a result, Kate knows the 3 secret ingredients to success. 
1. Variety
2. Education
3. Affordability

Kate knows why clients don’t want to train at a gym. Kate knows why clients fail. Kate knows how you can make positive change.
Every day in her face-to-face studio in Lismore Kate’s clients’ share their frustration with the lack of time or knowledge to exercise on their own.
With her healthy approach to exercise, Kate has put together 14 workouts that will help you regain your strength and confidence. Understanding why we don’t stick with an exercise routine is the deep dive Kate can help you overcome. Her simple yet scaled workouts have been designed to educate and engage you. With her unique audio-assisted training you will never train alone again. For less than the cost of one face-to-face session, Fitness by Kate is Downloadable and portable, it’s the ultimate personal trainer in your gym bag. A trainer with real clients Kate has a mature and kind approach to finding your health.

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