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120 days, 2 floods, and with a tonne of support. Fitness Manouvers is finally ready to reopen

The love, support, and encouragement I have received over the past 4 month has been astounding . Strangers became friends, silence said more than words and countless hugs were exchanged.

Even though my building had lost its ceiling, had no power, and was covered in mud, it still managed to bring people together. The food bank and my daughters “Packs of hope” incredible clothing donation, allowed our traumatised community to  find supplies and have a gentle conversations in a safe and calm space.

I am incredible proud of the effort and love Fitness Manouvers shared with the Lismore community during the few weeks after the floods.

Kate Cairnduff PT wearing blue jeans and a green shirt infront of a brown wooden wall underneath a love lismore red heart with a bunch of flowers she has recieved and gym equipment on the floor

The new set up in the studio is even more flood smart. More removable equipment and a better understanding of the way the water will behave in and around my building.

Lismore is a flood town. and we will be prepared. It’s the only way to be.

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate winter. But I won’t be complaining that I’m reopening in the middle on winter.

I must admit though, I am a little nervous. I have had 4 months of slow starts, puppy cuddles and bad tv. Monday morning will be early starts and a 12-hour day and me trying to remember my craft.

To be able to head back to an almost at capacity schedule is truly remarkable.

I have been in my studio for 18 months. Eight of those months have been either covid lockdowns or flood recovery. Am I being way to optimistic thinking that it will be smooth sailing from here?

For the remainder of ‘22’. I hope it will be full everything we love. Fun, functional and unique training. We have some new equipment, thanks to my business grant, as well as a bigger floorspace now the prowler track has been removed, thanks to the flood.

Looking at my studio all shiny and new it could feel as though nothing has changed.

But we all know that everything has changed. Lismore will be forever changed by these events. But I like to think for the better. Better patience, better caring, better kindness and better resilience.

I am planning some exciting new scheduling over the next month or so. When there is only one of me there is limited early appointments. So I am working on a bespoke service that I think you will love.

I have a level 1 Boxing workshop coming up on July 2nd for Industry professionals or anyone interested in entering the fitness industry. If you are interested please reach out

If you have ever thought about personal training, why not reach out and book a session. It doesn’t mean thousands of burpees or being yelled at until you achieve.

Fitness Manouvers makes Movement fun, achievable and unique.

You can even book a session with a friend, husband or neighbour !!!

Big Love Lismore

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