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Is Social Distancing Cramping Your Exercise Style?

"Dear Covid-19, could you kindly fuck off"

The gains are going, the dad bods are growing, and you are finding yourself wondering if 11am is to soon for a drink.

Don’t let the fact that your gym is closed be the reason that you stop moving. There are plenty of ways to keep up your health & fitness without the gym.

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“Change your routine – to keep your routine”

Creating a new routine could be just what your body needs. 

If you have been feeling exhausted and unfocused, stressed and unorganised, then this a great opportunity reset, refocus and reassess what is important to you and your family.

That morning sleep in without the stressful early morning commute. A nutritious breakfast to start your day. A morning walk. Make your bed and do the washing before 8.

All the things you promised yourself “If you had the time”.

“Change your routine – to keep your routine”

It’s time to slow down and undo a little of the damage that our epic lives have imprinted on us.

Movement is a very important element for taking back control and to teach us to live in the moment.

March 2020 has been a huge game changer for all the anxieties around body image, and conformity.

Nobody is watching anymore. Social media has changed. Influencers are no longer influencing. It’s time to create your own rules. 

You CAN do it. Just be brave and create.

Mental health at this time will be challenging for even the strongest of personalities.

Exercise will be your antidote for the “black dog”.

“Make Movement your new normal”

As a personal trainer I have the knowledge to create endless programs for my clients that are polished and balanced.

You don’t need to stress over not having equipment to use. Remember those new rules you are creating; will help you find new ways to exercise.

  • You’ll never look at a house brick the same way again.
  • Walk along the garden wall and work on your balance and core.
  • Take 2 steps at a time into your house – Repeat 6 times
  • Fill buckets with water and walk/lunge around your yard


The ideas are as endless as your imagination.

Body weight movements are so easy to achieve and progress.

“Be kind to yourself”

As we all move into our new temporary new “normal” just remember to be kind to yourself.

If your home schooling, working from home and trying to keep active just remember take the accelerator off a little.
Its time to be calm, be kind and discover the simple things

I would love to connect with you here via my new website until this time of CoVid-19 is over, you will find lots of great user-friendly workouts that are fully available to all my VIP subscribers

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