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It's Not You, It's Your Diet

Are you in a bad relationship??? 

Got your attention? 

Let’s talk about FOOD!!!! 

Does it control you?

Does it make you hate yourself and feel like a failure daily?

Are you racked with guilt because of the choices you made that day?

The anxiety around food that many of us carry around for years is corrupting our lives.

The detox teas,

The patches,

The 6-week challenges,

The fitspro photo shopped pictures,

The inconsistent sizing in clothes,

Low fat, Low Carb, Low sugar,


Shakes & Pills,

In the Current Covid-19 world the “Diet Sharks” are circling.

Social media is heaving at the seams with diet promises. We even have a new term “Covid Kilos”!!

A constant stream of Instagram stories from the genetically blessed. As a society is this not the perfect time for a reset?

A new approach towards what is considered success and failure.

To Succeed should not be measured by “Covid kilos” lost.

To fail should not be measured by lack of “Covid kilos” lost.

Let’s look a little deeper. Let’s consider a kinder approach. If you got out of bed this morning knowing that you don’t have a job. You have succeeded. Now is not the time to be in the firing line of a diet or a “Covid -19 6 week Challenge”.

Our mental health and mental strength are the muscles we need to flex. They need to be strong, resilient, and healthy.  Close off your social media. Turn on some music and let your mind drift. Be your own success story. Your achievements do not need to be measured against others.

Did you get out of bed today.? Great!!!

Did you say kind things to yourself today. Fantastic!!! You’re succeeding …

Now keep going … you’ve got this!!!!

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