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"Have you moved today? I mean really moved?"

Our lack of movement is attributing to so many imbalances in our lives; skeletal and muscular imbalances, disease, depression and detachment in our communities.

Daily Movement

According to Australian Bureau of statistics in 2017 43,477 Australians died from cardio vascular disease. Cardio Vascular Disease is one of Australia’s largest health problems. It not only has a major impact on everyday families, it is a huge drain on our economy and health care systems.

We are all spending more and more time behind our desks, hours staring at ours screens, and our bodies are suffering for it.

Rolled shoulders, poor posture and an inactive core is a terrible by-product of such inactivity.

Daily movement is the key … but correct movement is GOLDEN!!

Auxiliary Muscles

If I can use a rock pool as an example of what auxiliary muscles are: when we look in a rock pool at the beach, we see all the main structures that make up the pool; the rocks the shells and the sand.

However, if you move the water, you’ll then see all the hidden structures; the tiny anatomy that is part of the bigger picture.  Just like our bodies we can’t just train the big muscles. We must nurture and involve our auxiliary muscles every time we exercise; they are an essential link to us moving well.

These auxiliary muscles are essential for effective breathing and they minimise back, neck and shoulder pain. I’m not talking about the pretty abdominal muscles, not the six pack muscles that are Instagram perfect. I am talking about the deep muscles along your spine and throughout your rib cage.

A thousand sit ups won’t address a weak core, one hundred Russian twists won’t fix your painful back.

A family walking together

Why Correct Imbalance

The answer to correcting our body imbalances is returning to movement

Movement not only is essential for fat loss and cardiovascular disease prevention, movement also allows us to keep connected with our community.

Movement gifts us the joy of independence,allowing us to make our own life choices and create what we want our lives to look like.

Choose a Lifestyle Not an Image

The saturation of unattainable images on Instagram can have such a negative effect on why exercise is important. Social media influencers such as “Fitspro’s” have a paid agender to sell an image, to promote the unsustainable and to market hard to the uneducated.

The obsession and “mind fuck” that goes into their body perfection is not normal.  They may look perfectly perfect but is it functional? They may be strong enough to lift weights off the floor but can they rotate evenly across each hip?

Perhaps they are right handed but is their left shoulder weak and inactive?

Fitness Manouvers


Enjoy the process to enjoy the results.

If your moving for wellness your already winning.

Personal training isn’t a smash and grab service.

Investing in your holistic health, mental well being and inevitably a fulfilled life is exactly what Fitness Manouvers can help you find.

Everybody’s why and what is many and varied but……

Everybody’s why and what is many and varied but……style not an image.

Choose authentically happy and get involved in life.

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