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The Inner Critic

A huge shoutout to all my resilient, forward-thinking, and glass-half-full boss babes out there. It’s an empowering and exciting vibe to carry around. But lately,

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Drowning Not Swimming

Drowning Not Swimming For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt like a square peg in a round hole. Always feeling like I

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Easter 2021 Hours

Easter 2021 Holiday Hours We hope you have a safe and wonderful Easter, we will be closed on the following dates –  Friday 2nd April

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2020 Reflections

It’s Thursday mid-morning, I have a half an hour break in my schedule, Fleetwood mac “Dreams” is on my Bluetooth speaker, and an overwhelming sense

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MY JOURNEY Eleven years ago, I was 15 kilos heavier, unhappy, unhealthy, and trapped in the yoyo world of gyms, food and self-loathing. In 2009

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An Egg On Flour to Symbolise a Recipe

You’re Not Baking a Cake

Let me start by explaining the bare basics of an exercise program.
For every rep you do there “should” be a physiological change to muscular tissue.

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