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What It's Like Being A Personal Trainer in Lismore

Situated on far north east coast of NSW in the beautiful Northern Rivers. Lismore is a town that welcomes all things eclectic.

A small town with a big community.

As a local Lismore business 

owner, I have been lucky enough to have been welcomed and embraced by Lismore and all that she offers.

Even though I have been in Lismore for 10 years, I am still considered a tourist as far as the scale of “local” goes. But I absolutely feel like this is my place.

I like simple things.

A country town is what calls me.

Within my business as a personal trainer I am lucky enough to meet with over 60 clients a week. We have great conversation, we sweat and smash personal and professional goals every day.

They say personal training is a glamorous job, well my 4am starts often means a foggy start with the kookaburras and bad early morning AM radio.

I can’t decide if the 80% humidity is harder to bare at 4am or the -1 that creeps in over winter. But when you don’t have the city hustle to get to work, how could I possibly complain. I love what I do.

Down time is created between bookwork, programs, social media posts, emails, and workout sessions.
A book is never far away, just in case I have a programming epiphany. Yes, I’m old school pen and paper!!
Lunchtimes at one of Lismore’s eclectic cafes are a regular “downtime”” in my diary. I know if I have had an amazing, wholesome, and fulfilling lunch, I will get through my afternoon client list without the tummy rumbles.


Food to a personal trainer is key to getting through our 60 hour plus week. We must fuel ourselves well. Real food from reliable sources is important and Lismore has it in bucket loads.Over the years that I have been involved with the Lismore community, I have helped create a positive and healthy mindset around Lifestyle, family, and movement.

My business Fitness Manouvers has a strong ethos around positive body image and will always swim against the current when it comes to society pressures.

A country life is a fortunate life, being able to run a small business here is a true privilege. We have been through flood, fire, and Corona virus. Good old Lismore, her heart has never felt warmer.

I couldn’t be prouder to be part of Lismore’s community and contribute to the wellbeing of the people within it.

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