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You're Not Baking a Cake

Let me start by explaining the bare basics of an exercise program.

For every rep you do there “should” be a physiological change to muscular tissue.

The effectiveness of your training program is completely reliant on the correct form.

However, if your reps are rushed, mindless and incorrectly executed there will be no change, no muscle engagement, and no change from where you were a week before.

You took the time to get up early, get dressed, and drive to the gym so why not make it worth it?

Think of it like this…. You’re not baking a cake. You’re not just throwing the eggs and flour in a bowl and knowing the outcome.

Your reps must be correct. Your tempo must be accurate, and your posture must be right.

If your trainer isn’t correcting, educating, or enhancing your exercise knowledge you’re just paying them for their company.

A Personal Trainer Showing Correct Form To A Client

If you have mastered a squat that’s great. But can you squat with a powerband around your hips?

The same exercise suddenly becomes challenging, mindful, and most importantly neurologically, muscularly, and core engaging. It’s the money shot of exercises. The pathway to change and enjoyment. Get your head in the game and witness the changes.

As a passionate trainer, I loathe seeing personal trainers who don’t get creative and challenge their clients.

Exercise constantly gets a bad wrap. And yup if you are heading to the gym and buying into the “cake baking” philosophy of training I would confidently guess that the gym will bring you no joy.

Get the knowledge. Get educated and invest in a trainer who challenges you.

The simplest cues from a confident trainer will help you eliminate anxiety and uncertainty around your training and show you how to extend movement in your life.

Next time you’re at the gym look around. How is your fellow gym-goers form? Do they have poor posture?

Have they locked out their knees? hyper flexed their lower back? as they finish their incorrect, overloaded, and fast as heck reps?

Quality over quantity every time.

What is the point in flying through a 10 x 3 program at 5 am with bad form, bad tempo, and no understanding of what outcomes you are chasing?

There is more to gym training than glute bridges, squat thrusters, and burpees. Mindless Mindless Mindless !!!

Exercise can be complicated. But it doesn’t need to be. A great trainer should be able to teach you about push, pull, rotation, and hinging movements every time you train with them. It’s your body you should understand its strength and weaknesses. And your training should reflect that.

Every time my clients work with me, they will always be given something new. Some days are for fun and pure kick-ass cardio. But other days are for learning and refinement. Once it starts to get to familiar it’s time to change….

My passion for helping people find the love for exercise again brings me the greatest joy.

From undoing bad habits to teaching strategies around a positive mindset I am truly blessed to be with the tribe that surrounds me.

Would you like to join my exceptional group of people who truly care about their mental health and wellness?

Fitness Manouvers would love to have you join us.

Guarantee no “Cake Baking” training !!!

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