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Were You Here In 22?

Its so hard to know where to begin. One week ago? or one week on?

One week on, our beautiful lady Lismore has been torn apart by a torrent of water.

The media has had blanket coverage of the feel good and the hellish bad. But unless you are among the stench of rubbish and the destruction of the buildings it is impossible to share how bad it is. 

My above statement is not to make anyone who is not here feel bad that they aren’t on the ground. It’s just so overwhelming to put into words the magnitude of Lismore’s plight.

In a few years from now we will all ask, “were you here in 22”? It’s an experience none of us would ever think we would share. But now we will all be bound through unimaginable stories of survival.

As a business owner in Lismore for over 12 years I have a lot to thank the Lismore community for.

I have had clients lean on me for movement and lifestyle guidance. But what they don’t realise is the amount of strength and determination I draw from them. The saying like attracts like is the very life force that gives lady Lismore her heartbeat.

As I type this quick blog, I can hear army helicopters overhead. I can hear the garbage trucks down the road consuming the tonnes of garbage that were once treasured memories.

As I sit high on the hill, I do feel a sense of “survivor guilt” safe in my home with my pups in toe.

But I know that lady Lismore and her community will all muck in to help. We have all been elbow deep , sometimes chin deep in mud and literally shit.

My little studio didn’t avoid getting her walls smeared with the thick black slimy mud we have all become so use to. But due to its construction of brick and concrete, we were able to clean her up in 3 days. We pulled down the ceiling for safety. Gerni the walls and my equipment I left behind, now she’s looking pretty good.

Fitness Manouvers won’t be functioning as a Personal Training studio as we have known for some time, due to infrastructure, power and basically its not time for that.

I have reached out to the community to see what services we can best offer in the studio.

We will be a hub for Food bank NSW to help get much needed supplies out to everyone, including the tireless workers who I know are reluctant to except donations thinking  “aren’t affected enough” If were in Lismore, you are effected enough !!!

Over the next few weeks will evolve as we feel we need with either practically or holistic help.

We have organised a registered Play therapist to access for some much-needed mental health care. These will commence over the coming week or so.

I will have a boxing bag and some stretching spaces available. We all know how important exercise is for mental health. We all know how wonderful our FM community is. So, with my arms wide open  I want to invite you back into our space, even if its just to reconnect, have a hug or lie on the floor (And there is no mud).

If you are I client of mine welcome back to your safe space. If you aren’t a client of mine welcome to our safe space.

I will check back in a few weeks and see how things are developing.                                                                               

Love you Lady Lismore  xxx

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